Amanhyia is in the Eastern Part of Ghana which stool land is under the Akim but is headed by the Krobo’s residing there. The inherited chief (Nana Akotia II).Also under the rules or traditiona governing them was,on Thursday’s they don’t visit or go to farm, but it is not precisely observed since there is no punishment issued if someone is seen going to fa on Thursdays. 


Nana Akotia II renounced in his speech that, the headmaster of the Amanhyia Roman Catholic school has only used his power doing whatever that pleased him, he doesn’t respond to his calls, if you want to discuss with him about the development of the school. The chief continued that, ever since he inherited or came to the land of Amanhyia ,he has never seen any government project established or on going there before,therefore he is pleading that the essential need like water, clinic, and well structured school building should be assisted in their community. 

Some of the Youth also contributed to the thought that ,it has been very great hardship leaving in the community of no job, clinic, good water resource and many more. 

Also there is a highly grown fruit called “Alacha” which can be used for fruit drinks. So if it is useful, a well know observes should come in their aid to give them a helping hand in cultivating  in a highly section. It was observed that, 60% of alacha is grown at their farms and inside the town too. 

We also find out that, a greater palm oil is a work that the women does aside with farming at a village called “Kofi Gye” but since the purchasing of the oil is low, it doesn’t bring any income to them. The leader of the group made us aware that, the stages in processing the oil is very difficult due to that, the youth that are unemployed can’t involve themselves for a longer period.. So the government should come to their aid to help them in offering them with machines that can support them in processing the palm oil…….. 

THE PEOPLE OF KUKUA SEEKING FOR GOVERNMENT AID. Kukua is a community in the Eastern Part of is a community under the Suhum Municipal and it is headed by a sub-chief(Odikro).Currently,the ”Amankrado”is the chief.The Community also have counicl of elders who also assists the community by way of giving advice to the sub-chief (Odikro).The current chief of Kukua community is called Nana Abuasa. Nana Abuasa,the Amankrado for kukua community said,the government and the individuals have neglected their community in terms of developmental project.they have written letters to the appropriate offices for help but yet still no-one has come to their aid. Nana Abuasa ,they have problems with school buildings,most of their school are very bad.he added that,most of developmental project the community lacks include; WATER,LACK OF EMPLOYMENT ON THE PART OF TH YOUTH,POOR COMMUNICATION NETWORK,LACK OF TOILET FACILITY,POOR HEALTH CARE,NO LIBRARY,NO POLICE STATION OR FIRE SERVICE STATION,NO SCHOOL FEEDING PROGRAM,HAVE ONLY ONE PHARMACY STORE(BUT OPENS IT ON MARKET DAYS). When we spoke to the Assembly Man,he also said the same thing.he made us understand that,the only things they got from the government and NGO’s are the LIGHT POLES,METERS,PRIMARY SCHOOL(NGO),MARKET AND ELECTRICITY. Nana Abuasa went on to list some of the things they would like individuals and government to do for them,some of these things includes 1.PROPER SCHOOL INFRASTRUCTURES,LIBRARY, COMPUTERS IN ORDER TO HELP THE STUDENTS TO EXCEL IN THEIR ACADEMICS AND LIFE. 2.PROPER GOOD HEALTH CARE CENTER. 3.GOOD COMMUNICATION NETWORK. 4.GOOD ROADS. 5.IN SECURITY ASPECT THEY NEED ”POLICE STATION AS WELL AS FIRE SERVICE STATION. 6.STREET LIGHT. 7.THEY NEED ”PUBLIC TOILET”SO THAT VISITORS WHO COME THERE WILL GET A PLACE TO EASE THEMSELVES…. Nana Abuasa said,these things when provided will make them feel comfortable in the community and the youth will never travel to big cities to look for white colour jobs….

Tragedy On The Okorase Tarred Road. Okroase, a suburb of Suhum Municipality, Just before the 2016 general election the main road linking Okroase to suhum was tarred. The tarred road instead of being of being a good news has bought about several accidents with two dead and over 30 injured due to no road signs most especially speed rumps to reduce the speed of drivers who use the sloppy road. Apart from the main road that has been tarred, the roads that lead to some villages in the town are extremely in bad shape with spoilt bridges .Anytime it rains, it become difficult for people to come out of their home as flood occurs and farmers can’t also go home. Widokum ,one of the small villages in the town without light is worst whenever it rains..



Living in a small town is like living in large family of rather uncongenial relations. Sometimes it’s fun and sometimes it’s perfectly awful, but it is always good for you.                                            Okroase is in the Eastern part of Ghana, a subrub of the Suhum Municipality has been blessed by mother nature with a quite a lot from a huge stretch of lands to fertile soil to river and so on.. Okroase has a population of over 4,500(four thousand, five hundred) inhabitants with a majority being youth. The main occupation for residents of the town is cocoa farming.                                      Abiasua is a river that passes through the middle of the town. The river stretcha from Amanase through to Okoase and beyond. It serves as a habitat for acquatic animals most of which are cat fishes. It is believed that, if any of the fishes are killed or caught, a member of the community dies .it is a taboo to go close the river on Tuesday’s  as it is said to be a day for the river goddess. Water form Abiasua  is used for domestic purposes too. There’s something unique about the fishes that would leave you in awe. Upon seeing the river, one wouldn’t see the creatures in sight, until you drop anything edible into the river. The fishes rush for the bait in such a beautiful way.     It is said, that if you truly want to prove to them aided by people you want help from, you must prove to them that you can develop without their aid with this,the natives and elders of Okroase have kn their own way without the helo from government develooed their tonw in so many ways


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